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Habano Cuban Cigars

Can You Really Buy a $100 Box of Cuban Cigars?

UPDATE: As of October 2016, you can now bring back up to 100 cigars (worth up to $800) duty-free every 31 days!

The $100 limit on Cuban cigars legally imported to the United States can put a heck of a crimp in your style if you’re a lover of fine Cuban smokes. Brands like Cohibas go for about $25 apiece and even a single Montecristo No. 2 costs about $10. But there are cigars available for just a few bucks each that will allow you to bring home a whole Cuban cigars box. 

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Cigars and other icons of Cuba

Cuban Cigar Fest Promises 2 New Añejados

With less than a week until the opening of Festival del Habano in Havana, Habanos S.A. and the Cuban government have named new cigars to be debuted at the cigar festival.

Still unknown is what surprises are in store as part of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cohiba, the flagship brand of Cuban cigars. But reports this week from Granma, the official Communist party daily, and Habanos, the Cuban cigar manufacturer, give a hint of what’s to come.

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Learn These Useful Cuban Cigar Terms

Many people excited by the prospect of smoking authentic Cuban habanos are new to cigars overall. It’s a culture with a language all its own. Our glossary will help you distinguish the various types the Cuban cigars and understand the terms you may hear at a Havana cigar shop.

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Beware of Non-Cuban ‘Red Dot’ Cohibas

Cohiba is the pre-eminent Cuban cigar brand, but not all Cohibas are really Cuban cigars. An American and Scandinavian company, General Cigar Co. Inc., also manufactures seven types of cigars under the famous brand name.

But General Cigar’s so-called “red dot” Cohibas are not Cuban cigars, because they are not made with Cuban tobacco.

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