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Cuban Cigar behind a black backdrop

Cohiba: The Story of
Castro’s Favorite Cigar

Though heads of state have sought out and smoked Cuban cigars throughout the centuries, the island’s revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, is perhaps most closely linked with the coveted smoke. After taking power in 1959 until he gave up cigars 26 years later, Castro was rarely photographed without a cigar.

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Beware of Non-Cuban ‘Red Dot’ Cohibas

Cohiba is the pre-eminent Cuban cigar brand, but not all Cohibas are really Cuban cigars. An American and Scandinavian company, General Cigar Co. Inc., also manufactures seven types of cigars under the famous brand name.

But General Cigar’s so-called “red dot” Cohibas are not Cuban cigars, because they are not made with Cuban tobacco.

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