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Cohiba: The Story of
Castro’s Favorite Cigar

Though heads of state have sought out and smoked Cuban cigars throughout the centuries, the island’s revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, is perhaps most closely linked with the coveted smoke. After taking power in 1959 until he gave up cigars 26 years later, Castro was rarely photographed without a cigar. The story that links Castro most closely to…

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Can You Really Buy a $100 Box of Cuban Cigars?

UPDATE: As of October 2016, you can now bring back up to 100 cigars (worth up to $800) duty-free every 31 days! The $100 limit on Cuban cigars legally imported to the United States can put a heck of a crimp in your style if you’re a lover of fine Cuban smokes. Brands like Cohibas…


How To Spot a Fake Cuban Cigar

Official 25-Point Guide to Spotting Fake Cubans You’ll never get taken once you’re armed with our Cuban cigar identification checklist. Know the real thing: What authentic Cuban cigars look like How to immediately ID a legit Cuban cigar band Codes and stickers all Cuban cigar boxes have The foolproof sign that a box of Cuban…

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Future of Cuban Cigars in U.S. Hinge on FDA

The fate of Cuban cigars in America and, indeed, all premium cigars in the U.S. is caught up in a political struggle over e-cigarettes and other forms of tobacco not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. As the industry awaits the FDA’s so-called “deeming” regulations, which we explained in-depth previously, a Congressional committee…

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Is the FDA About to Kill the Cigar Industry?

Any day now, the federal government could announce radical changes to the way it regulates cigars and upend the industry in the U.S. for domestic as well as foreign cigars. One guide to the FDA’s proposed “deeming” regulations calls them potentially “the most substantial change to the premium cigar industry since the U.S. enacted an…

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